Hello woolly crowd!

This website is down since 2018-01-01. There is a person who wants to take over the site including domian.

But there are some special Linux skills necessary for running it. So if you think that you have enough knowledge in running such servers, feel free to contact me at:

wf1 (at) i4me dot de

I will then transfer your details to the new site owner.

You should not get rejected by the following words to apply to our needs for running such a site:

Possible Admin-Platforms are:

It would be nice to find someone to reactivate this community site again!!

If anyone is interested in getting some of my woolly stuff contact me please also via eMail:

wf1 (at) i4me dot de.

I will sell the following items:

Ask, if you are interested in particular items and make me an offer. I will also sell items via ebay:

My woolly stuff for SALE!

Here i will offer all my stuff over the next weeks! So make sure to check back often!